Tuesday 27 August 2013

HTML Tags in Microsoft Dynamics NAV2013 Reports

This video will show you how to use HTML tags in Microsoft Dynamics NAV2013 reports which will reduce lot of time in customizing each report.

Monday 12 August 2013

The file that you are trying to create cannot be created error in NAV2013

I was trying to create .bat file using C/AL code in NAV2013.

I got below error message when I ran the code in NAV2013 RTC

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

The file that you are trying to create cannot be created. The destination file has an extension that may be blocked. Contact your system administrator.

I was able to create the file using NAV2009R2 Classic client but not able to create in NAV2013 RTC.

I posted my problem in Microsoft Dynamics Community.

Thanks to Roberto Stefanetti who helped me in solving my problem.

There is a parameter in Custom Settings File called ClientServicesProhibitedFileTypes which will not allow you to create files with extensions you mentioned here.

We cannot create files with below extensions using RTC now.


I removed bat value from this property and restarted the service.

Now I am able to Create .bat file using NAV2013 RTC.