Friday 17 March 2023

Easier to create #msdyn365bc opening balances for item tracked inventory

  • You can enable specific batches on the Item Journal page to let people enter serial, lot, and package data directly on journal lines.

Sunday 12 March 2023

AL Explorer and AL Home in #msdyn365bc Visual Studio Code AL extension

AL Explorer, Microsoft bringing a powerful tool to the hands of pro developers and technical consultants, allowing both roles to explore, navigate, and better understand objects in extensions, including object details, dependencies, and extension points, without looking at the code. This increases daily productivity for developers and allows technical consultants to understand high-level structures of extensions in order to specify new features, or even do light troubleshooting. View, search, and filter objects You can easily see an overview of all objects in a given app scope—for example, a whole workspace or selected project—and you can search in object names, and group objects by type. Go to source code For a selected object, you can quickly jump to source code, whether it's to develop, read, and understand it, or whether it's to add breakpoints as part of troubleshooting. Bookmark You can bookmark objects used frequently to easily filter a list of objects to only the bookmarked ones—for example, when navigating between those you currently work on. View extension points - events, APIs, and enums To ease creating extension points and to extend existing ones, AL Explorer also allows fast overview of all events and API pages as well as extensible enums that implement interfaces. AL Home Finally, the new AL Home startup page introduces a new communication channel, allowing Business Central R&D to efficiently share news, best practices, upcoming events, urgent information and status, learning content, and more to all users of the AL Visual Studio Code extension.

Monday 6 March 2023

Set up and sync #msdyn365bc master data across companies

Master data management is intended for scenarios where you want to move the setup in one company to another company in the same environment. It's also built as a data synchronization engine that lets you keep data in the companies synchronized after the initial move.

Saturday 4 March 2023

Provide Title and custom actions to #msdyn365bc Error dialogs

To help users get unblocked from issues when working with Business Central, we've introduced the capability to allow developers to unblock users when they encounter issues right away by choosing a corrective action. Making error messages more user-friendly helps build trust in Business Central while at the same time saving time in correcting common issues.

Friday 3 March 2023

Analyze, group, and pivot data on D365 Business Central 22 list pages

End users and data analysts can analyze data from list pages directly in the client without the need to open the page in Excel or run a report.

The ability to analyze data directly in list pages raises the bar for what you can do without having to switch applications, while still allowing customers and partners to do more in report objects, Excel, Power BI, or other data analysis applications.