Wednesday 24 May 2023

Company creation failed with error in the Cloud Migration Tool – Business Central 22


Problem: We encountered the following error while running the Cloud Migration tool on the BC22 version.

We got the below details from the “Copy details” of the above screenshot.


If requesting support, please provide the following details to help troubleshooting:

Company creation failed with error Sorry, the current permissions prevented the action. (TableData Company Insert: Base Application). Please fix this and re-run the Cloud Migration Setup wizard.

Internal session ID: 

Application Insights session ID: 

Client activity id: 

Time stamp on error: 

AL call stack: 
"Hybrid Cloud Management"(CodeUnit 4001).VerifyCanStartReplication line 11 - Intelligent Cloud Base by Microsoft
"Cloud Migration Management"(Page 40063)."RunReplicationNow - OnAction"(Trigger) line 4 - Intelligent Cloud Base by Microsoft


The User has SUPER permission set assigned.

Solution: Please check if the BC license is assigned to the user from M365.

The above error was resolved after assigning a BC license to the user from M365 (Office).