Friday 31 December 2021

Restrict access to D365 Business Central Environments

We will learn how to restrict access to D365 Business Central Environments for users.

Ex: if we have a user ‘A’ and we would like to provide access to only Sandbox environments and not to Production environment.


First, go to Office 365 admin center


Go to “Active teams & groups” under “Teams & groups”


Click on “Add a group”


Select Security


Click Next


Provide a Name and Description


Click Next


Review the group details


Click on Create group


New group is created


Click Close


Go to Security tab and select the newly created Security group.


Click on Add group owner


Click on Add Owner again in next screen


Select user and click Add


Select Members tab and click on View all and manage members


Click Add members


Select user and click Add


Follow same steps and create new security group with name “Production” but do not add any members or do not add member whom we added in ‘Sandbox” security group.


Go to Dynamics 365 Business Central admin center


Select the environment to which you want to assign the newly created group.


Go to Security Group and click on Define


Select the newly created Security Group


Click Save


Click Yes on confirmation message


Go to Production environment and setup “Production” Security group.

Now login to Production environment and notice below error