Wednesday 14 January 2015

Mainstream Support for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Ended January 13, 2015

Mainstream support for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009, including 2009 SP1 and 2009 R2, ended yesterday i.e., January 13, 2015 per the Microsoft Support Lifecycle Policy.

It means:
Microsoft is not be doing any work on NAV2009 version.

Customers who are current on a service plan can continue to access the following benefits through CustomerSource:

  • Previously released Upgrades, Updates, Service Packs, Fixes and Regulatory/Tax Updates

  • Self-Help Support through Knowledge Base articles and online content

  • Unlimited Online Training

    Paid support (including Premier, Essential, Pay-Per incident, and Microsoft Dynamics Advantage and Advantage Plus plans or any other paid support plan) will be available through the length of extended support. 

  • Extended support for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 ends January 2020.

This is the last NAV version with the classic client.

Monday 12 January 2015

C/AL Coding Guidelines

Finally Microsoft has Published C/AL Coding Guidelines that they use at Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen

Please find them in below link.

Friday 9 January 2015

OFFICE 365 INTEGRATION IN NAV 2015 - Exchange Online


  1. Open SMTP Mail Setup Page
  2. Click on action Apply Office 365 Server Settings.
  3. The fields SMTP Server, SMTP Server Port and Authentication fields will be filled up automatically
  4. Fill the User ID and Password fields based on the existing account in Office 365.
  5. Click "Test Email Setup" action
  6. If everything is configured properly in Office 365 and NAV 2015 then you will get below successful message.
  7. And below mail will be sent to Office 365 account.
  8. After this step if we try to run action Email Confirmation from Sales Order then a dialog box will be opened showing from address as office 365 account.
  9. Press OK button to send an email to required address.
    Below screen shot shows that mail is sent from Office 365 account

Thursday 8 January 2015

You do not have permissions to modify profile records because the tenant is mounted with the application database as read-only

Error Message:

You do not have permissions to modify profile records because the tenant is mounted with the application database as read-only. Contact your system administrator.

Problem Statement:

System returns above error message when you try to set any Profile ID as Default Role Center in Multi-Tenant environment. The problem happens because the tenant can’t write changes to the application database and the Profile table is in Application database.

Here is the list of tables which are distributed to Application database and Business Data Database.

Solution: If you want to allow the Tenant’s to allow changes in Application database then follow below steps.

Below is the screenshot of tenants list mounted to a servicetier in NAV Administration Tool

“Allow Application Database Writes” should be True to fix the above error.
By default “Allow Application Database Writes” will be False.

If you want to change then go to below path
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\80\Service\Instances\TradeOnline

Here you will find Tenants.Config file
Open it in Notepad and change the “Allow Application Database Writes” to True
And Restart the Service.

But make sure that if you change Default Role Center in one tenant then it will be applied to all tenants as Profile table is in Application Database.

Thursday 1 January 2015

Introducing GAC Trade Online Solution for NAV 2015 Customers

The most complete wholesale software in the cloud

Trade Online will bring your wholesale organization to the cloud. You'll instantly have the right functionalities with our Trade Online Solution. Simple, clear and fast, based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 and Office 365. Try it directly yourself and discover the benefits of Trade Online for your organization.

What's in Trade Online?

Trade Online Basic
Trade Online Advanced
Trade Online Multi Site International

You can go through below link to know more about the product here

Entirely in the cloud

Always and everywhere
Trade Online works with you completely in the cloud. That means you do not need a server at your office with the necessary management costs. Updates occur automatically and you always have access to your data. And, you can get started for a fixed monthly fee.
  • ·        Access your data
  • ·        works on any device
  • ·        no maintenance costs to servers
  • ·        always work with the latest versions
  • ·        full integration with office
  • ·        you pay for what you use

For more details: 

Trade Online grows with you
A major advantage of Trade Online is the scalability. As your organization grows, simply switch on with more users or new functionality. You can use less of users to feet? Simply switch back. 

(Online) support
Telephone support desk, Online chat support, FAQs, Webinars & Online and offline training.
GAC Business Solutions has its own telephone service desk for direct support questions. You can also find answers to questions through service portal or post your questions. You also have access to an extensive FAQ database and online chat support. To know more about software, GAC provides on- and offline training courses at very competitive rates. 

Safe & fast
Working safely in the cloud
Trade Online works completely in the cloud, you do not have to worry about servers, backups or maintenance of your enterprise hardware. Trade Online is hosted in Azure, Microsoft's cloud environment. It meets the highest safety standards so that your data is protected against all possible scenarios. 

Mobile working
All devices available
Trade Online is fully optimized for mobile & tablet. Whether it is for desktop, laptop, tablet or phone; Trade Online is available on all devices. This means you are always and everywhere be able to access your data.

The most complete wholesale software
Trade Online is the most complete wholesale software in the cloud. Trade has all the functionality you need as a wholesaler to run your business smart and effective. It contains purchasing, sales, inventory management, financial administration, Marketing & CRM, Service, RMA handling and more modules. Moreover, the software grows with you; updates are automatically incorporated into your software. 

Prices and conditions
Fixed amount per month, adaptable to your situation
Your Trade-line solution is available for a fixed monthly fee. You are free to modify the number of users per month. So you know immediately where you stand, and no surprises to stand afterwards. 
More about Prices here

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