Monday 17 April 2017

Add Application Area property for D365 App

We need to finish below step in the process of developing the app for financials.

In order to successfully complete the end to end usage scenarios, make sure to set the ApplicationArea for your objects to one of the following values. If the applicationarea is not set to one of these values, the object will not be displayed in Dynamics 365 for Financials. Refer to ApplicationArea Property for more information. 
• #Basic  • #Basic, #Suite  • #Suite • #All

If we have few objects, then we can manually set this property but we have around 250 objects where we need to set this object.

I found below tool in github to add this property using dll.

Thank you so much Ingmar Stieger

You can download the code and create dll using visual studio or you can directly download the dll here

ApplicationArea.exe directory\*.txt -set AREA [-minId nnnnnn] [-maxId nnnnnn]

·        Parameter 1 (* directory\*.txt): Specifies a path and file pattern of text files that should be processed
·        Parameter 2 (-set AREA): Sets all empty ApplicationArea properties to AREA
·        Parameter 3 (-minId nnnnnn): Optional. Process only controls starting with (and including) ID nnnnnn
·        Parameter 4 (-maxId nnnnnn): Optional. Process only controls up to (and including) ID nnnnnn
*Note: Text files can contain one or multiple objects. So you can have either one file per object or multiple objects in one text file.

1.      Export a couple of pages from the C/SIDE client to c:\temp\pages.txt
2.     Set the area to Jobs for all controls starting at ID 1000000000 
      ApplicationArea.exe c:\temp\pages.txt -set Jobs -minId 1000000000 –maxId

It will update the file which we have given in above path.
We can import in to database and check all the fields have ApplicationArea property added.
Once again thank you so much Ingmar Stieger
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