Saturday 27 April 2013

How to Import and Post Opening Balances along with Dimensions in NAV2013 using Rapid Start Services

Here is the Video for "How to Import and Post Opening Balances along with Dimensions in NAV2013 using Rapid Start Services"


  1. Hi! Mohana:

    This is quite useful video. I try to do the same as you do in the video but I can't get the Dimension fields like you have in the video at 1:01. Can you tell me how to add those dimension fields?

  2. set "Dimensions as Columns" field to yes in New Package for 81 table? field is not shown on page so you need to add it via development Environment.

    1. Hey Mohana,

      this video was very helpful but could you please elaborate a bit more on how to make the appropriate changes in the Dev Environment? That would help me out a lot.


  3. Hello, I have watched your video. In every video it seems that to get the data into the correct columns for the import, it seems you copy the data into the column. I have been trying to do a formula to bring the data into the appropriate columns, but the worksheet created by the Export to Template does not seem to work with formulas. Can you tell me why?

  4. Hi,
    Can I use "dimensions as columns" for a 50.000 table? when I try I get an error that says I can't. Is it something missing?


  5. Hi Monaha,

    How to get Dimension Set ID no.? is it System auto-generated? when I have imported leave this column as blank, after I imported, this column replace with other data..

  6. Hi Mohana,

    Thank you for your video and it is useful. I have another big concern.

    how do we import data if we have more than 8 dimensions?

    Thank You

  7. Hi Mohana,
    Thank you for sharing this video. It is very helpful.
    I follow all your instruction, but in 3:10 after I apply Data, and I check dimension column in general journal line, it is empty.
    but when I check from ribbon, the dimension value is exist.
    it seems the system can't populate directly from header to lines, because I need to open dimension from ribbon (header) first, then the lines will be populated. I tried to refresh , but it didn't work. Do you have any idea? Thank you very much :)

  8. Hi Mohana, Thank you for your video but it doesn't work in R2, There is no Journal Line Dimensions. Any ideas how we can we can import multiple dimensions into a GL Journal?

  9. Hi Mohana, thank you for your video. For who cannot export dimension fields to Excel file after choose Yes for Dimension as Columns field: you must use Export to Template (Excel) function in Config. Worksheet screen, then in exported Excel file you can see dimension columns
    HieuVo (Naviworld VN)

  10. Hi Mohana. Thank you for your post. Everythink went well untill I had to remigrate opening balances and deleted both GL Entries and DImension Set Entries from the database. Now when I apply package data I have error The field Dimension Set ID of table Gen. Journal Line contains a value (xx) that cannot be found in the related table (Dimension Set Entry). Seems that it does not create Dimension Set entries anymore. What could be the reason?

  11. Hi Mohana ... I need your expertise please. NAV2016. Importing into Customer table with up to 6 Dimensions. All imported fine, I drilled into No of Package Records, all 6 are there. No errors. Apply Data all seems ok. Check Customer ... only the Globals came through, so where are the other 4? How do I import multiple dimension values in NAV2016?