Tuesday, 16 April 2013

How to Kill Session in NAV2013

I tried to delete/kill session from Session List page which is under
CRONUS India Ltd./Departments/Administration/IT Administration/General
as before in Classic Client but it didn't work.

There are many ways to kill a session in NAV and these samples just should show you how you can handle this directly in the session page in the windows client.

Var 1:
  1. Open the Dev. Environment and navigate to page 9506
  2. Create a new action (configure your own custom "look and feel" settings)
  3. Go to the C/AL Code Editor and enter the code in the "OnAction" trigger

        IF CONFIRM ('Kill session?') THEN STOPSESSION("Session ID");

   4. Save, compile and run the page. Finished.


Another way would be to change the property "DeleteAllowed" in this page to Yes and type in the "OnDeletePage" trigger


Thanks to Rene for this blog


  1. We just encountered problem in sessions administration in NAV 2013 as well. What we realised was that the Session List page was meant for debugging use. Furthermore, opening Session List page actually takes up one more user license even though you are already in a RTC session. That kinda make session administration difficult for small customers with just 3 user license (the starter pack).

    The workaround - to kill off sessions, we can launch the Active Session table and this does not take up one more user license. Delete will also work in Active Session table. We can create a page for the customer to use this and do their own session administration.

  2. In previous NAV versions the user must be a member of either the sysadmin or processadmin SQL Server server rolls to delete sessions. I guess it is the same in NAV 2013.
    I couldn't delete the session with the hack above and I didn't have this security role.