Saturday, 27 July 2013

How to include Dimensions in Conf. Package Table Fields while using Rapid Start Services in NAV2013

You must have seen my blog video "How to Import and Post Opening Balances along with Dimensions in NAV2013 using Rapid Start Services" here.

You can see the Dimensions in Conf. Package tables fields but you cant see Dimensions as fields in Newly created package.

How to add the Dimensions in newly created package table fields?


  1. Hi Mohana,

    Thanks for sharing.
    however, i'm able to see the dimension field on the field selection, but i still couldn't export it to excel. example, [Area (dimension), DEPARTMENT (dimension)] as column in excel.
    please help and advise.

    Thank You.

  2. Mohana,

    I am also running into the same issue. I added the "Dimensions as Columns" boolean and could see all the Dimensions when I went to Export the Template to Excel, the Dimensional fields to not flow to the template. I've noticed that there is no value in the Processing Order or Related Table ID fields when the Dimensions fields were added to the Table 81, but those fields seem to be non-editable so I can't put any values in there. I must be missing something simple but I cannot figure out what it is.

    Any advice would be appreciated.


  3. Hi Mohana,

    Great tip.

    I noticed that working with Rapid Start is fast on your machine. With me it is painfully slow. Are there any server options that needs to be configured for it to work faster?



  4. Hi again,

    I have got the problem. The dimensions are not exported to Excel.

    Please advice,


  5. Hi all,

    Here is a work around.

    1. Add the columns that are missing to the table in the Excel template.
    2. Select the column header on one of the missing dimensions.
    3. Right click header of the table and choose the XML submenu -> XML source
    4. You will see the dimensions but without a red star which means that it is not mapped to any data in the Excel table.
    5. Right click the unmapped dimension and select which column it must be associated with.



    1. Thanks for posting this Jakob--just what I needed!


  6. Mohana,
    Thanks for this post!

  7. Instead of modifying the Page object, I just used "Config. Worksheet" instead.
    I added table 81 to a new row, then "Assign Package" and selected my rapidstart Configuration Package, then clicked the "Dimensions As Columns".
    From now on shortcut dimensions can be exported and imported to/from Excel. Did this by action "Export to Template" (Excel) from Config. Worksheet.

    1. Exactly, that's the way to do it as Microsoft describes in the below link:
      The suggested solution by Mohana does not work in Dynamics NAV2016.