Thursday, 14 November 2013

How to Stop/Prevent Negative Inventory

I have seen these kind of requests a lot from developers/end-users in NAV forums.

In earlier versions we have to customize NAV to achieve this but NAV2013R2 brings this feature as standard.

We can set up that outbound posting that brings inventory below zero is blocked. This can be set up per item or for all items. 

This setup is in the Inventory Setup, we can put a check mark in Prevent Negative Inventory field which specifies if you can post transactions that will bring inventory levels below zero.

The selection that you make in this field indicates the value in the Prevent Negative Inventory field on individual item cards. The values will either be Default (Yes) or Default (No), which you can change.

I know have setup this for all Items i.e., in Inventory Setup and when I try to post an Item which has in sufficient Inventory then I got below error.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV
You have insufficient quantity of Item 1000 on inventory.

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  1. But still can post Item journal with entry type negative for items having no inventory. Of course logically no need to pass negative item journal entry for item having no inventory, but would have been better if system could prevent that also. So that no way users can create negative inventory.