Friday, 17 April 2015

Discover opportunities for your trading with Trade Online Starter

As an entrepreneur, you are constantly looking for opportunities in the market. You are looking for opportunities to increase margins and strengthen your position in the chain. That requires purchase and sales processes efficiently and professionally run. A good start to successful entrepreneurship is automation of basic processes in one central system. Trade Online Starter provides this for a very attractive monthly fee. To show how you can understand and control with this software, GAC offers a free webinar. Write us today.

Keep track
With Trade-line starter, you have functionality that you keep track of everything that takes place in your company. The software via invoices, adjust purchasing and sales quotes, you can process incoming orders, perform account management, and share information with customers and suppliers. The interior of Trade Online Starter gives structure to all your basic processes. You also get a real-time overview screen where you can see what is important to your organization. 

Stay ahead of the competition for
Trade Online Starter is seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Office 365. This controls at once your calendar, mail, and access to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Because it is a cloud solution, you always have access to the latest version. Combining Trade Online Starter Office 365 provides comprehensive analysis and reporting capabilities. With one press of a button you can see which regions are in your most loyal customers, which have the potential to expand, and other practical information. Discover, recognize, and redeem opportunities in the market and keep your competition that crucial step.

Work on your future in the cloud
Trade Online Starter runs entirely in the cloud on servers Microsoft Azure. That is the cloud platform for companies working on their future. Software in the cloud, you are always automatically providing the latest available version. In addition, you can easily add or remove users per month. Also extends your Trade Online Starter subscription simply with additional functionality. Maintenance is included in the monthly price. Trade Online Starter is available anytime and anywhere. You work where and when you want. If you are not in the office? Then you are on your smartphone or tablet still view things like incoming orders.

Quick Start
Trade Online Starter includes a pre-designed database. GAC provides accessible documentation. We also offer you access to our developed e-learning programs. With a few simple steps you can already started. Do you need more support? Then use Trade Online Consultancy packs.

Discover and experience Trade Online Starter
Discover the features Trade Online Starter offers your organization and experience a professional cloud-based environment. For 89 euros per user per month you get Trade Online Starter includes hosting, maintenance, and automatic updates. Want to know more? Then write us completely free of charge for one of our webinars.

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