Monday, 13 April 2015

NAV TechDays 2015

Mark your calendar: NAV TechDays 2015   - 19 & 20 November - Antwerp (Belgium)

Pre-conference day: 18 November

The day before the NAV TechDays conference, on Wednesday 18 November, you have the opportunity to attend some workshops. 

Workshop #1: Power BI for Dynamics NAV (Steven Renders)
In this workshop Steven will introduce you to the world of Power BI for Dynamics NAV. Learn how you can create stunning dashboards in Excel 2013 or the Power BI Designer, so you can find answers to your most important questions using natural language and make decisions based on the right data anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Workshop #2: Working with Powershell and Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Eric Wauters)
During this workshop, I will make you familiar with PowerShell, and what NAV has to offer within PowerShell. We’ll use the existing commandlets, enhance them, look into the existing PowerShell scripts, learn from them and also enhance them. All with practical and useful examples which we will create during the workshop.

Workshop #3: Document Reporting in NAV 2015 (Claus Lundstrøm)
Join this class to master the teachings behind how to easily create Document reports in RDLC in NAV 2015. After this class you will also have a clear understanding how Grouping is done RDLC reports. We will also have a look at how End Customers can do Document Reports in Word.

Workshop #4: Troubleshooting Essentials for SQL Server and Dynamics NAV (Jörg Stryk)
The first part of the workshop will focus on resolving so called “Expensive Queries”. You will learn about the importance of “Keys” and “Indexes”, how to detect problems related to them and how to implement appropriate solutions. According to this, you will get an introduction of several useful tools, like “SQL Profiler”, “SQL Trace”, TSQL/DMV etc. and some pretty cool 3rd party tools.
The second part of the workshop will explain the concept of locking mechanisms in SQL Server and how to deal with it in NAV. You’ll learn how to detect blocks and deadlocks, using on-board features and 3rd party tools. Finally you’ll get some inspirations about how to resolve and prevent blocking problems.

These workshops will take place in the selected conference hotel, and will be charged separately (lunch & coffee breaks included).

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