Monday, 5 October 2015

Redesigned C/AL Editor - NAV2016

The C/AL Editor in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Development Environment has been redesigned to give you more coding capabilities.

Coding in the new C/AL editor is like before except you benefit from new features such as IntelliSense, name completion, change tracking, improved syntax highlighting and colorization.

The new design has a look-and-feel that resembles the Debugger regarding breakpoints.

And here it is

And if you start typing then it will start IntelliSense and you can press tab/enter to name completion.

Does it mean we cannot use old editor?
No, we can use the old version of the C/AL Editor by running the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Development Environment from a command prompt and setting the useoldeditor parameter
Ex: run the command prompt and add below string and enter
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\90\RoleTailored Client\finsql.exe" useoldeditor=Yes

Or you can create a shortcut of the finsql and add useoldeditor=Yes in properties


  1. Thank you mohana for sharing this..

  2. ? Isn't the new editor better than

    1. Yes and no. There will be a lot of "bugs". With the new editor I can`t now use F5 (C/AL Symbol Menu) to add some code, I have to write it down manually (using intellisence). That`s OK, but for example overloaded methods in DotNet types does not work with the new intellisence yet so you have to write them just manually.