Monday, 12 October 2015

Sicily, Crete, Corfu and next Madeira...

Microsoft starts development of next versions with Code Names

If you recall Code names of earlier versions then

NAV2013 is Sicily
NAV2015 is Crete
NAV2016 is Corfu

And Next version code name is Madeira.

Let’s hope Microsoft will come with a lot of game changing new features in “Madeira”. Good luck Microsoft.

Let’s enjoy NAV2016 for now.

Madeira, an autonomous region of Portugal, is an archipelago comprising 4 islands off the northwest coast of Africa that were settled in the 1400s. It’s known for its namesake wine and warm, subtropical climate. Popular outdoor pursuits include hiking along old levada (aqueducts) in the mountains, golf, surfing and scuba diving at sites such as the Garajau Marine Nature Reserve.
o   Capital: Funchal
o   Area: 801 km²
o   Population: 267,785 (2011)


  1. Hi Mohana,
    Yes Madeira is one of the most beautiful islands in the Atlantic.
    The next question is now, if there is a meaning in the fact that the previous code names all were Mediterranean islands, and now we have moved to the Atlantic Ocean?
    And does it mean that Microsoft will be focused on making NAV more beautiful? ;)

  2. Small fix:
    NAV2013R2 was Sicily
    NAV2015 was Crete
    NAV2016 was Corfu
    NAVvNext is Madeira