Monday, 1 August 2016

Item Inventory Posting in Project Madeira

We may need to add inventory to item in many cases. How do we add Inventory to Item?

By posting Purchase order or Item journal.

Now, we have a smart way to add inventory in Project Madeira.

Go to Item List and Create a New Item
1001 – Test

Check the Quantity on hand and Item Ledger Entries for the Item

Now click on the arrow > of field Quantity on Hand

It will open a new page “Edit – Adjust Inventory”

Enter value in New Inventory (ex: 10)

Click OK

If there are any errors in posting the inventory then it will show error as below

Correct the error and redo the process
Now Inventory is available as shown in field “Quantity on Hand”

Open Item ledger entries and there will be an entry with positive adjustment

Now go back to same “Edit – Adjust Inventory” and reduce the quantity (ex: 7)

Click OK

Now the inventory is become 7

Open Item Ledger entries and we have new negative adjustment entry with Quantity 3

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