Wednesday, 31 August 2016

New and updated capabilities in the August update of Project "Madeira"

The latest update of Project "Madeira" adds new capabilities as

Smart notifications give you advice and recommendations

With this update, we'll notice such notifications display when we create a sales invoice for a customer that has an overdue balance, or when the amount in the sales document exceeds the credit limit specified for the customer.

 For more information, see Smart Notifications

Introducing the new Sales and Inventory Forecast extension

In this update, MS introduced the new Sales and Inventory Forecast extension that gives us insights about potential sales and a clear overview of expected stock-outs. The extension uses Cortana Intelligence to predict future sales based on our sales history to help us avoid inventory shortage.

 For more information, see Sales and Inventory Forecast.

Smarter sales and purchase documents

MS had made several small but important improvements to sales and purchase documents:

We can cancel posted credit memos.
Sales invoices include Package Tracking No. and Shipping Agent Code.
We can cross reference items.
We can substitute items.


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