Monday, 12 September 2016

How to use OCR Incoming Documents in Project Madeira

Lexmark Invoice Capture Service (ICS) for Microsoft Dynamics NAV enables quicker, accurate invoice processing by automating the process of getting Vendor invoice data into Dynamics NAV.

Click Register and Select your payment model (Freemium or Subscription) and create your account. You will receive your registration confirmation and login details via email.

Search for “OCR” and select “OCR Service Setup”

Click “Set URLs to Default”

Enter the User Name, Password, Authorization key and click “Test Connection”

Customer Name, Customer ID (From Lexmark Registration) and Customer Status will be updated in OCR Service Setup.

Click Update OCR Doc. Template List

Select the Default OCR Doc. Template from the List of Documents and place a checkmark in the Enabled field.

Close the “OCR Service Setup” page.

When an invoice is received from Vendor, an Incoming Document Card is created with the invoice attached. Dynamics NAV users can then send the invoice to ICS. (Or, vendors can email invoices directly to ICS). Invoices may arrive in many different formats or layouts. No templates are needed.

Search and Select Incoming Documents.

Click New

Enter Description

Click “Attach File”

Select the Invoice file which you would like to sent to OCR service.

Click “Send to OCR Service” button on the Incoming Document page.

Document was successfully sent to OCR Service

Wait for approx. 30 seconds and

Click “Receive from OCR Service”

Document will be received.

Relevant information is extracted from the invoice files. Any missing or inaccurate information can be easily corrected.

Click “Create Document”

If there are any errors or warnings on the document, you can fix them by reviewing the Errors and Warnings FastTab.

Click “Create Document” after fixing the errors or warning

After creating this Vendor Invoice, you can go into the Purchases and Payables area and post the Invoice according to your business processes.

Invoiced documents are stored in Created Invoices and repositories for future references.

Note: The Freemium edition allows you to pay for the service in the same way you pay for NAV 2016. You can use ICS with no charge to capture up to 75 invoices per month. For each invoice captured over the initial 75, you will pay per invoice. When you’re ready to regularly capture more than 75 invoices per month, you can choose a subscription level that meets your requirements.

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  1. Very clear instructions thanks for posting. I tried it and am getting an error that the data Exchange Type table is empty when I click Receive From OCR Service, how do I fix this?