Thursday, 10 November 2016

Microsoft PowerApps with Dynamics 365 for Financials

In PowerApps, you can generate an app automatically, customize it, create an app from scratch, and share and run apps that you create or that others create and share with you.

To generate an app automatically, you just need to specify one of a variety of data sources.

We can generate apps from below data sources.

·         the Common Data Service

·         a SQL Server database

·         Salesforce

·         Dynamics 365

·         Excel workbook (in a cloud-storage account)

You can also build an app from a template. Each template is based on fictitious data in a cloud account, such as Dropbox. Explore specific screens and controls to understand how they're configured, and experiment with customization to discover techniques that you can apply to your own apps.

Create an app from scratch using Dynamics 365 for Financials:

Login to (Sign up for an account if not already done)

Click on Get Started
Select Powerapps Studio for Web

Click on Dynamics 365 Phone Layout

Click on New Connection

 Select Dynamics 365 for Financials

Enter details




And Company

Click Connect

Select Default

Here it will show all web services published in Dynamics 365 for Financials

 Select Customer

Click Connect

It will start building you app

It will create 3 screens

Browse screen which will be like list page

 Details Screen like card page

Edit Screen for editing and adding new records

We can select any of those 3 screens and start editing as per our wish

We can change the layouts

We can select the field and change it to something else like Name using dropdown

We can preview the app by using Preview option

We can refresh, sort and add new records from Browse Screen and select a record to view details

 We can edit, delete from Details screen

New Record screen will look like below. Select to save the record.

 Save the app.


Share the app

It will show in Dynamics 365 Home page

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  1. Great solution! Thank you for this tutorial on the PowerApps topic, it's exactly what I need to know - how to generate an app automatically, customize it, create an app from scratch, and share and run apps that I create. Thanks for sharing :)