Thursday, 22 December 2016

Developing Extensions Using the New Visual Studio Code – Part 3

We finished step 1 and step2 of creating a sample extension using new visual studio code.

Let’s start with step 3 – adding a List type page for table 70000000 – “Reason Code for Lost Quote”.

We need to create new page using visual studio code.

Pages are the main way to display and organize visual data in Dynamics NAV. They are the primary object that a user will interact with and have a different behavior based on the type that you choose. Pages are designed independently of the device they are to be rendered on, and in this way the same page can be reused across phone, tablet, and web clients.

The structure of a page is hierarchical and breaks down in to three sections. The first block contains metadata for the overall page; the type of the page and the source table it is showing data from. The next section; the layout, describes the visual parts on the page. The final section details the actions that are published on the page.

Open the Visual studio code and Folder ReasonCodeforLostJobQuote which we created before if it is not open.

Click on New File

Add name
Typing the shortcut tpage will create the basic layout for a page object when using the AL Extension in Visual Studio Code.
Edit Id to 70000000 and name as Reason Codes for Lost Quote

Change pagetype to List

SourceTable to "Reason Code for Lost Quote"

group(Groupname) to group("Reason Codes")

Add the fields Code and Description.

Which looks now as
Make sure to have repeater in List type pages.

We should add this list page to DrillDownPageID, LookupPageID properties of table 70000000 - “Reason Code for Lost Quote”.

Go back to

And add properties DrillDownPageID, LookupPageID like below

This is how to create new page using new Visual Studio Code.

We will see how to add new field in existing page in next blog.

Stay tuned.

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