Friday, 17 February 2017

The Microsoft Cloud for Professional Services Firms

Dynamics 365 - Microsoft’s cutting-edge, cloud-based business application platform - is perfect for professional services firms due to its powerful mobile capabilities and native integration with Office 365. As you know, professional services are driven by mobile information workers who need to access services and share information from client and remote locations around the clock. Always on, always accessible, what could be better than the Microsoft Cloud to support communications, collaboration, and operations!

Dynamics 365 can be optimized by pairing Dynamics 365’s purpose-built capabilities with a full-scale professional services automation solution.

Join us for this webcast to discover which PSA solution is the best fit for your firm!

Get a look at Dynamics 365 and 2 PSA solutions to make your firm more efficient!

Learn more about Progressus Software on Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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