Monday 11 September 2023

Mastering Multitasking: Simplifying Tab Navigation for Efficient multitasking.


In Business Central, users can enhance their productivity by employing multiple browser tabs or windows to compare data, even across different companies or handle new tasks as they arise. However, the challenge arises when it becomes cumbersome to navigate across these open windows, especially when they all look the same.

In this latest update, Business Central offers a solution by introducing a clear and straightforward naming scheme for browser tabs and windows:

Context: The tab name on list, card, and document pages now mirrors the current record, page, or view, regardless of how you arrived there.

Readability: To enhance readability, the tab name has been streamlined, removing any extraneous information. This means no more lengthy product branding or redundant view/edit indicators cluttering your tabs.

Real-time Updates: The tab name is automatically updated as you navigate within the web client, ensuring it always reflects your current context.

Multi-Company Support: For users dealing with multiple companies, the company badge is now included in the tab name, providing a clear distinction.

This enhancement simplifies the user experience, making it easier than ever to switch between tasks and maintain context, ultimately boosting efficiency. Try it out and experience the difference!



The following table includes examples of browser tab naming:




Browser tab name

list page

Items list page


list view

Open filtered view on Sales Orders list

"Sales Orders - Open"

single record

Item Card showing single record

"Item Card - 1896 ∙ ATHENS Desk"

setup pages

Sales and Inventory Forecast Setup page

"Sales and Inventory Forecast Setup"

draft records

Customer Card for new customer

"New - Customer card"

root URL

Business Manager Role Center home page

"Dynamics 365 Business Central"

profile override

URL includes ?profile=DISPATCHER

"Service Manager - Dynamics 365 Business Central"


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