Monday 11 March 2024

View incoming documents in archived quotes and orders (BC24)

The capability to access incoming documents within sales and purchase quotes and orders, even after they have been archived, significantly enhances document management efficiency. This feature ensures uninterrupted access to crucial information, facilitates well-informed decision-making, and contributes to a reduction in administrative overhead.

Once you archive purchase and sales quotes and orders, whether through manual or automatic processes, the archived versions of these documents retain the incoming documents that were attached before the archival. This ensures that the historical record includes all pertinent incoming document information for reference.


As an illustration, let's initiate the creation of a purchase order, attach a relevant incoming document to it, and subsequently manually archive the order.


Upon accessing the Purchase List Archive page and reviewing the archived versions of a purchase order, note that the Incoming Document FactBox will display attachments that were originally linked to the initial document. This ensures comprehensive visibility into the attached incoming documents even within the archived records.


By default, the Incoming Documents FactBox is hidden; however, you have the flexibility to personalize pages and add them according to your preferences.

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